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Entry #4

Something New

2015-09-18 22:34:37 by MarshmellowBnG

Hello there you sexy beasts.

When I don't draw pin ups or do pretty much anything ealse I make something very unique.

Tou see, aside from the art currently featured here on this page, I do alot more ... different stuff.

The art make is to make all sorts of crazy stuff on Photoshop. Now, I want to present my art on NG but this art was already blammed twice from the art portal. The main problem for me is the people that see it first. I find that the people that find it first are just zero bombers. It is just how NG's built that they see it first and have a stronger power in blamming it. 

THIS IS NOT SOMETHING TO DISS ON NG! Really probabuly the best, most welcoming, and most accepting artist community. From now on I'm going to upload these sorts of things into NG and I need your help to get these off the ground. 

I ain't gonna do what some people do with these kinds of posts. This is not one of these " my art is my life and I put my blood into it" kind of post some people make so you will feel bad rating their art. No, this is a step towords exposing more people to this form of art. I do belive that NewGrounds community deserves to have this kind of art as a part of the terrific veriety already in existance. I want YOU ... YES YOU... To be as honest as you can on your rate or even review if you would be so kind.

I already posted befor a few things on the forum thread photomash so you can check out some of my things there (there will be new ones too)

Come on! Who's ready for a revolution?1!/



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2015-09-19 18:51:28

ooo "sexy beast" i feel so loved lol

MarshmellowBnG responds:

Omg Omg oMg ... A responder! WHAT DO I DO???? oh man oh man OH MAN! Whatt do I write what do I write?? Ok Gabriel ... stay calm, breath, deep breaths...
OK don't screw this up ... answer him calmly... .... .....
"The pleasure is all mine"
The pleasure is nana blahblah.. What, are you trying to seduce him? HA? OH man you always screw up on these responses don't ya. OH MAN I hope I didn't screw up.