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Something New

2015-09-18 22:34:37 by MarshmellowBnG

Hello there you sexy beasts.

When I don't draw pin ups or do pretty much anything ealse I make something very unique.

Tou see, aside from the art currently featured here on this page, I do alot more ... different stuff.

The art make is to make all sorts of crazy stuff on Photoshop. Now, I want to present my art on NG but this art was already blammed twice from the art portal. The main problem for me is the people that see it first. I find that the people that find it first are just zero bombers. It is just how NG's built that they see it first and have a stronger power in blamming it. 

THIS IS NOT SOMETHING TO DISS ON NG! Really probabuly the best, most welcoming, and most accepting artist community. From now on I'm going to upload these sorts of things into NG and I need your help to get these off the ground. 

I ain't gonna do what some people do with these kinds of posts. This is not one of these " my art is my life and I put my blood into it" kind of post some people make so you will feel bad rating their art. No, this is a step towords exposing more people to this form of art. I do belive that NewGrounds community deserves to have this kind of art as a part of the terrific veriety already in existance. I want YOU ... YES YOU... To be as honest as you can on your rate or even review if you would be so kind.

I already posted befor a few things on the forum thread photomash so you can check out some of my things there (there will be new ones too)

Come on! Who's ready for a revolution?1!/



2015-08-14 22:37:24 by MarshmellowBnG

I where  you can see all the crazy stuff you guys helped me make just by being there on  my live strams.

If you hav't seen one yet or just wonder when than it is going to be at 7PM EASTERN TIME! every friday


it's lots of fun and makes every step of the way better when you are watching ( I also freak out pretty much every time I have another viewer so you can see me do that

Next time on the stream we are going to make some music!!!!!!!!! 



@7pm eastern

BE there to have you mind blown as I draw or fail to draw ... WHATEVER YOUR HEART DESIRES!


just drawing?


NO. NO? NO! Its going to be also sculpting, musicing, multimedyaing

Whith UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU. Because sometimes fridays are lonely. BUTT!? This will make you feel lyke U almost made a friend! Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa?!?!?!?!?!

"Well then whats so special about this?" you ask.


okey okey ... The special this is that you are participating all along

And I always take suggestions fron twich chat with the same answer... NO

I mean yes! YES!!! 

You Have the chance of being right on the show and doing crazy stuff by giving good ideas and participating along the way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Also If I'm subbed to you on YouTube, Friends with you on facebook, fanning you on NG, and or can recall you than You can be on and ask me to do whatever you want.  It's going to be fun and crazy and If I will have 50 viewers at one time I will Photoshop the US presidents face onto KK's tits ... This is no joke.

I'm also going to randomly pick from my fans and friends on NG and draw them!!!!!! so If you ain't fanning me in NG go do it NOW.

Well , this is just what I can fit without going to crazy and promising things I wouldn't do. SOOOOO, I hope to see you there between 7&12 at night eastern time this fryday the 7th( praying for no mulfunction), have a grate day and dont forget to smile.

Upcoming projects

2015-07-15 02:32:08 by MarshmellowBnG


Do you wish to have comedy in your life?                                                                                                             Do you ever want to tell someone what to draw and give them crazy suggestions as they go along?                         Do you have the urge to have a good time with friendly people on friday night without leaving the comfort of your home? Do you wonna draw&Bedrawn, animate and be animated, go crazy all night long, learn how to cook freestylerap and get ripped in under 30 days.

Well I am happy to inform you that what you have read just now sounds lame in comperison to what you may see when you check out the new comedy-art-improvisation twich live show called:                                                                                               GABRIEL DOESNT KNOW HOW TO DRAW                                                                   Aside from fullfilling your wildest dreams, our crew will make you clean your brain bits off the floor  while you are fourced to redry your seat. here they are featuring.

Host- Gabriel- Marshmellow White Brown & Gold 

Guest of honor- still opened-

Editor- still opened-

Audience- you

First episode will probabuly stream at 7PM next friday (24/7/2015) at:  . more information about this coming soon!

Most importantly, you will be the one (sorta ) deciding what to draw!



the skills of an artist improve every time he draws and thats why it's always important to look back to your earlier drawings and compare alittle. Well, starting july 23rd I will be Uploading Remasterd work from earlier art enteries.      I am going to color, shade or repolish some of my previous works so if you have any suggestionto how can I improve any of the pieces from the ones with a future remaster notice on their description sendme it in any way you would like including this post.




I'm looking to work with pretty much anyone on anything at anytime for free.

I'm a composer, writer, voice actor (with a slight accent), and most of all I do story boareds, concept art, art polish, and background art for animations and games.

Iv'e recently got a yeti blue so I'm going to sound alot better than in my first animation ( at least then the cheesy whistle in the credits will sounds decent and chhesy instead of earscreeching).



CRYSTAL LIONESS- I'm having a new collections of experimental veriations on a piece inspired by Leonardo Pereznieto's crystal slipper-

I am trying different ways to make the piece very crystal like while keeping everything ealse interesting.

I will love to have your written review on my art pieces. I'm going to go back to uploading other things probably by july 21st.

For matters of convenience they are all in a playlist:

please go and tell me what can I improve in them in any way because I'm looking forward to printing some of these.

Please tell your friends and family and maybe even your pets!

(Lionesses' Cave is size 1366/768 to perfectly fit a screen)



Thank you so much for reading all that.

As always I hope youl'l have a wonderful day and dont forget to smile!